If you know me then you know that partnership is at the heart of what I do so it was a pleasure to be at Northern Stage today for the Arts Council supported Stronger Together event.

Much discussion and debate centred upon collaboration and networks...this got me thinking about how important it is to define what we mean by these two very different beasts...

For me a collaboration is the coming together of people with shared goals and complementary skills and attributes to work towards something...partnership in a defined space.

Networks are different (or perhaps should be) they may be catalysed by an external agent but they grow organically, through encounters, and become self sustaining based upon the benefits derived - outcomes from networks are unpredictable and spring from synergy and synthesis.

I work with both - in one I facilitate and offer leadership, in the other I provoke, share and tell stories...

What do you think?

PS really well done to Erica and the Team at Northern Stage!
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