Reiver Facilitation, Reiver for short, has just started its work and its thinking.  At the moment Reiver is me, Pat Chapman, former Director of Schools for Creativity Culture and Education and former civil servant.

This is also getting started because this is the first time I have blogged  - despite encouragement from the wonderful Ewan 

But perhaps 'getting started' is most appropriate because that is what is happening with what was recently described in the TES as the bonfire of the cuts.  Many people may wonder why the country needs 'middlemen' organisations like PCTs, RDAs, UK Film Council, MLA, government regional offices...From my perspective having worked with or in all of these it is about glue and challenge.  When they work well they create the conditions for smaller organisations to learn and share, getting better at what they do.  They also provoke and challenge the performance of their smaller partners.  All of this will be lost.  So what? Well it is clear that when small organisations are 'set free' they become inward looking and lose the capacity for informed self improvement - there is a good reason why the private sector has myriad membership organisations to support it!

So now is the time to recreate and rethink some local partnerships - before we all miss the Big Society boat!


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