August is always a strange month when most of us try to get away from the desk, and the rest of us get the opportunity to think, reflect and develop ideas.

This week I have been thinking about practical ways to help the creative and learning sectors to learn, share and network.  Some really interesting discussions with colleagues at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art about partnership and creativity...

I have been thinking about language...and how in these difficult times we need to build our understanding and partnership across sectors – it is no news that business, culture and public sectors have their own languages.  So can we bridge the language gap?  What benefits would learning a new language bring...

To quote Baroness Coussins, chair of the all-party parliamentary group on languages "There is lots of evidence that learning a foreign language helps with development of English skills”

So I wonder – can the business sector learn the language of creativity and develop a new ways to solve its problems?  Why not? The creative sector has much to offer... Is there evidence? Yes.  At UCL they have found that learning other languages changes the way your brain processes information – it can build your learning muscles! 


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