A little late I know but I wanted to reflect on this week's debate on a supermarket worker refusing to serve someone who was speaking on a mobile.  I don't know all the details of the case but two things are obvious to me. Firstly it is just plain rude to ignore the hard working PERSON who is serving you.  Second - I make a point of not taking calls when I am at the front of the check out queue - I once had an incoming call just as I was getting to the front and stepped out of the line...finishing my call I rejoined the queue and the person at the checkout smiled broadly (as usual in this store) and thanked me for not chatting away in front of him.  Moral of this tale...I get even better service and a chat every time I go in because I showed respect.

This week I have been privileged to be involved in training a wonderful group of Asda staff - I was very struck by the culture of respect that they displayed, individually and collectively.  They are great people who respect their customers and colleagues...I think they deserve our respect too.  As do all people working in the demanding retail and service sectors.


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